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Vacuum press

Vacuum press single tray, Vacuum double-tray press, Vacuum press forming, Vacuum presses, Three-wheeled rail tray, Vacuum presses

Four-axis rotary cnc machine

Four-axis rotary cnc machine

CNC Rotary 4 head, 8 head, 10 head, 12 head and 16 head

Melamine press

production lines

Melamine press, roller press and …

Cnc three-axis flat machine

Cnc three-axis flat machine

CNC 3 axis of stone, CNC 3 axes of wood, CNC engraving of gold and precious stones, CNC engraving of metal and ….

Laser cnc machine

Laser cnc machine

Laser cutting of metals, CNC cutting of MDF


Producer of industrial machinery, wood industry, glass, glass industry and related industries such as vacuum press machines, vacuum membrane presses, single-box vacuum presses, double-walled presses, 3-way vacuum presses, roller presses, roller presses, melamine presses, CNC sticking machine CNC 3 axis flat CNC 4 Rotary axis, CNC gold and gemstones, CNC laser, cnc five axis, cloth cutting machines, wallpaper repair, repair services Replacing and upgrading Cnc devices, training with all types of industrial machines, designing and manufacturing of electrical switchgears, roof cranes, mechanical robots

some of

our service

  • Electrical panel
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Sort machine
  • Melamine Press Production Line
  • Roller press production line
  • Inner pipe production line
  • CNC 3 axes simultaneously
  • CNC 4 axes simultaneously
  • Laser cnc machine
  • Vacuum press
  • Press Forming
  • Vacuum Membrane Press