CNC machine

What is a CNC machine?

CNC (CNC) or computer numerical control is a type of numerical control device controlled by a computer. These devices work with mathematical logic and communicate with the computer system using the controllers on which they are installed.

The controller is the main part of a CNC machine. In the industry, this section is called CONTROLER controller. A CNC machine of any kind (milling, milling, stone, sharpening, injection, press, etc.) is more known than its control type. The certainty of instruction given to individuals is, in principle, based on the controller of these devices.

Different controllers are available for CNC machines , such as Fannac-Heideen, Siemens -C39-C2P22-C15-Faguro Mitsubishi, etc., Fanuk Siemens and Heiden Hein are brands that are used extensively in Iran, but the differences are How is that :
The logic for receiving information is the code that starts with G , for example, code G01 is linear motion, G02 and G03 are rotational movements, and G90 specifies the type of coordinates as absolute or relative .

CNC Machine Types

The cnc machines are categorized in a variety of ways, and are of a variety of types, for example, such as CNC 3-axis machines, cnc four-axis machines, cnc engraving chains, CNC machines, CN devices CNC Laser, CNC Wood, CNC Engraving Metal, CNC Fiber, CNC 5 Axis, CNC 4.5 Coaxial, CNC 6 Coil, CNC Engraving Gold and precious stones, CNC 4 wood rotary wood, CNC 8 wood rotary wood, CNC 10-12-16 wood rotary curtain and ….Each of them has its own application.

The high-power industrial group in the production of all types of CNCs offers the above-mentioned devices to the market with the highest quality possible. The warranty and services provided for these machines are provided 24 hours a day in Tehran and 24 hours a day, and all products up to 25 years have after-sales service.