Wood vacuum press

What is wood vacuum press

Vacuum press machine in the Iranian market with the names of vacuum presses membranes, vacuum presses, PVC vacuum presses, MDF presses and vacuum hyglasses, MDF laminating machine, PVC sheathing machine and more. is read

This machine is one of the products that can be used to extract vacuum presses from PVC, Higlass, natural coatings such as walnut, beech, lacquer, and so on. On MDF, NewPan, hard objects like metal sheets, and more. he does

Vacuum Membrane Press

Vacuum membranes are a kind of press-actuated press-actuator that was active in the market before the current press-vacuum presses. These devices were imported and at a high price of about 600-700 million USD for about 78 years to the Iranian market. Due to their high price, these devices were not available to anyone, and only about 10 of these devices are available across the country, which is still in service.

History of Vacuum Press Machine in Iran

Utilizing vacuum devices in Iran comes back to the history of the discovery of vacuum vacuum (vacuum) that dates back to year 375. By about 1380, after the introduction of this series of imported products after the introduction of vacuum membranes, Iran were

After entering MDF as wood for woodworking in the world and in Iran, most people in this class are looking for a way to make their products more fashionable in order to be able to give the MDF a true color. Some people, with the help of flat presses, began to squeeze the natural coatings onto MDF, and some of them came in with the color of the desired beauty.

But the problem with the always-in-between was that the flat press was just covering the MDF panels, and the color of the work, in addition to the problems, was always something that the manufacturer did not want.

This process continued until Mantle presses arrived in Iran. These devices were so expensive that, in the real sense of the word, the small retailers did not pay for the service costs of these devices. Therefore, after some time seeking to overcome the demand for vacuum presses, they first imported into Iran.