Vacuum press two trays roller wagon

Vacuum Press What is a two-rail wagon tray?

Vacuum Press Two trays are a type of vacuum press machine, consisting of two work tables. On this series of vacuum press machines, two trays are standard in size 125 * 260 (back to back table) It has a useful 115 * 250s and a large desk with a workable capacity of 140 x 280, which has a useful 130 x 270 pitch.

Vacuum press How two trays work

The double-stacker press machine (two saws), as mentioned above, is standard in two work tables with a width of 125 * 260 and 140 * 280. This device, like a vacuum press, has a single elevator tray, a cupboard or a rail from a vacuum pump, and the tables perform alternate vacuum operations.

In other words, the head of the vacuum table can be moved with the help of the rails mounted on the side of the device, and when your operator attaches the work piece to the table and embeds the PVC overlays, Higgs and … on the table, the head is placed on the tray and the vacuum is done.

It should be noted that during the final term at Desk A, your operator will have the opportunity to perform a second-level adhesive and second-order placement immediately after the completion of the vacuum operation on the desk A of the head on the desk B and the vacuum operation To be done more quickly.

Stages of vacuum work with vacuum duct presses

  • Sanding action and cleaning the workpiece surface
  • Adhesive uniformly throughout the workpiece surface
  • Picking up the workpiece on a vacuum press machine
  • Draw a PVC or Higlass overlay on the entire table
  • The vacuum presser on the surface of the table is guided
  • Activate the furnace and control the temperature using the monitor embedded on the vacuum machine
  • Turn off the heating element (start-up grill) and start vacuuming with vacuum pump
  • Control the amount of pressure applied to the workpiece surface using the built-in display on the device
  • Transfer the head to the waiting station or desk B and cut and separate the workpiece

Two-tray vacuum press machine specifications

General Features of Two-Tray Vacuum Press

  • Touch Corner System
  • Intelligent automatic diagnostic system with the ability to display on the monitor
  • Automatic Wrinkle System
  • German thermal radiator elements (industrial series)
  • Integrated vacuum table
  • Vacuum pump 100 cubic meters of oil in circulation
  • Furnace Chamber Temperature Monitoring System
  • Uniform pressure control system on the surface of the vacuum table
  • Persian display with PLC
  • Internal memory for automatic programming of two-tray vacuum press machine
  • Dimensions of the table with the dimensions of the table 125 * 260/140 * 280/125 * 300/140 * 300

Special features ordered by the customer on a two-tray vacuum press

  • Partition for small vacuum components
  • Laser temperature sensor
  • Automatic head control system for moving the furnace without hand intervention
  • Pneumatic / manual frames
  • Silicon for the coating of natural veneer, fabric, leather and …
  • Custom table dimensions
  • Pressure control system for pressure control
  • Remote control system
  • Desk depth control system manually / automatically