Single-tray elevator vacuum press machine

What is a single-step elevator lift press?

Vacuum single vacuum tray machine is a type of vacuum press machine that is designed and built on a table. The furnace movement system of this machine, in contrast to the ductwork, is vertically pumped by hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps or systems Moving on.

The dimensions of the single-tray lifting machine’s press machine are standard in four types: 125 * 260/140 * 280 * 125 * 300/140 * 300. The variety of table dimensions in this series of devices is due to minimizing overlapping in artificial veneers.

How does a single elevator tray work?

The single-stacker vacuum press machine, as mentioned above, is standardized on a work desk with a width of 125 * 260, or 140 * 280, 125 * 300 or 140 * 300. This machine is powered by a 100-cubic cubic foot pump and is usually started to sit on the bench after lifting the furnace board as an elevator.

In other words, in a press-vacuum lift machine because we have only one desk, the waiting station for the vacuum head (furnace) is mounted at a height of 120 cm above the vacuum table.

In the vacuum machine, the elevator after the operator activated the glue, pouring the work table, draping the cover on the table, and finally closing the frame. With the control on the front of the vacuum machine, the deck of the furnace was placed on the vacuum table. The furnace starts after vacuuming on the vacuum table.

Stages of vacuum work with vacuum duct presses

  • Sanding action and cleaning the workpiece surface
  • Adhesive uniformly throughout the workpiece surface
  • Picking up the workpiece on a vacuum press machine
  • Draw a PVC or Higlass overlay on the entire table
  • The vacuum presser on the surface of the table is guided
  • Activate the furnace and control the temperature using the monitor embedded on the vacuum machine
  • Turn off the heating element (start-up grill) and start vacuuming with vacuum pump
  • Control the amount of pressure applied to the workpiece surface using the built-in display on the device
  • Transfer the head to the waiting station or desk B and cut and separate the workpiece

Specifications of the press-wicking machine of the elevator tray

General Features of Single Pressure Vacuum Pressure Tray

  • Touch Corner System
  • Intelligent automatic diagnostic system with the ability to display on the monitor
  • Automatic Wrinkle System
  • German thermal radiator elements (industrial series)
  • Integrated vacuum table
  • Vacuum pump 100 cubic meters of oil in circulation
  • Gear motor system with hydraulic jacks
  • Multi-position control of the furnace on the vacuum table
  • Furnace Chamber Temperature Monitoring System
  • Uniform pressure control system on the surface of the vacuum table
  • Persian display with PLC
  • Internal memory for automatic programming of two-tray vacuum press machine
  • Dimensions of the table with the dimensions of the table 125 * 260/140 * 280/125 * 300/140 * 300

Special features on customer order on single-stack elevator lift

  • Partition for small vacuum components
  • Laser temperature sensor
  • Automatic head control system for moving the furnace without hand intervention
  • Pneumatic / manual frames
  • Silicon for the coating of natural veneer, fabric, leather and …
  • Custom table dimensions
  • Pressure control system for pressure control
  • Remote control system
  • Desk depth control system manually / automatically
  • Use of pneumatic / hydraulic jacks / gearboxes to control the lifting movement of the vacuum lift machine